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    Fujian Licheng Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a large leisure meat product enterprise integrating meat product R & D, production and sales, with more than 2000 employees. Licheng is located in Jinjiang, the brand capital of China. It has two modern plants with a construction area of 200000 square meters. In the past 15 years, through continuous investment and intensive cultivation in the fields of talent, R & D, equipment and management, it has rapidly grown into a benchmark enterprise in Chinaundefineds ham sausage industry. The company has passed ISO9001 Quality management system certification and HACCP certification, and the certificate of export food production enterprise issued by the national certification and accreditation supervision and Administration Commission. The product sales network is not only distributed in major shopping malls and convenience stores such as Wal Mart, RT-Mart and Yonghui in more than 20 provinces (cities) across the country, but also exported to overseas markets such as Southeast Asia.

    Capacity layout

    The company has actively deployed modern intelligent plants in Linyi, Shandong Province, Jinjiang and Longhu, Fujian Province, and balanced the national production capacity layout, so as to realize faster logistics distribution, more balanced production capacity distribution and stronger supply chain capacity.

    Industrial chain construction

    Licheng owns industrial clusters such as sausage casings, cartons and essence ingredients factories, enriching the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and greatly enhancing the companyundefineds product competitiveness and product quality assurance.

    Licheng insists on using the best materials, world-class equipment and top talents in the industry for a long time. With kindness, Licheng makes good sausages to ensure that each product is the first choice for leisure meat products with ease and safety.

    With strong independent R & D capability, Licheng has launched a series of star products such as IQ cod sausage, Licheng anti hunger small meat sausage, hand torn crab willow and so on, which are deeply loved by consumers.

    Licheng has transformed codfish and many deep-sea products in the Pacific Ocean into many delicious and nutritious leisure ready to eat products, which has greatly enriched the food choices of students, professionals, couples, family gathering partners, long-distance travelers, tourism and leisure groups and self driving adventure lovers.

    At present, Licheng codfish sausage and crab willow products rank among the top in the market share of subdivided products.

    In 2019, Licheng codfish sausage market accounted for 46%, ranking first in the industry.

    In 2020, the construction of Licheng food Shandong Linyi new factory is of great significance to Licheng. Linyiundefineds convenient transportation and logistics advantages, enterprises closer to raw materials, rapid radiation and service to the north and northeast markets will greatly improve the competitiveness of Licheng food products in the market.

    For further information, please contact us at the following contact details.

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